About Tanisha

Ive always had dogs in my life and I was lucky enough to have a dog of my own when I was 6. I trained my first dog Daisy a little Jack Russell and we learnt all about agility together. 

Since then I have been lucky enough to train and compete with many other dogs. After years of begging my parents I was so lucky to get a border collie of my own called Reef. Reef and I  qualified for and competed at crufts twice and have successfully competed to Grade 6, needing only one more win before being grade 7, but unfortunately Reef had to retire. 

I am a fully qualified agility instructor passing my course with a grade first, which is the highest grade you can achieve, I have been instructing for 4 years. 



My First agility dog a Jack Russell. Daisy is no longer with us but still holds a special part in my life as she was the first dog I trained and we learnt so much together. 

201008-Dogs_In_Need_Ipswich 233.jpg


My first collie who really taught me to love agility so much! Reef is now retired from competitve agility but still likes to do the occasional training on low heights. 



My latest dog, a rescue from Valgrays Border Collie and Animal Rescue. Unfortunately about a year ago Loki was diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia meaning he can no longer train for agility but he still loves coming along to watch and support