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About CC Agility

How CC agility started

CC agility started in 2009. The club started in Guildford with Daniel Slinkert as the owner before moving to Elstead for 4 years. Then in 2013 the club moved to Lower Birtley Farm where it has stayed since. Daniel Slinkert proudly built the club up over the years training many people and their dogs some of whom are still training with us today! Daniel moved back to his home in Holland in 2019 and continued to manage the club remotely for 2 years. In 2021 Tanisha took over the responsibilities and ownership of the club. Tanisha had already been teaching at CC agility for 2 years prior to this and doing a lot of the maintenance so Daniel was confident Tanisha could continue to grow the club bringing in fresh ideas but still keeping our friendly and welcoming atmosphere that we hold here. 


What does CC stand for?

CC agility was named by Daniel in 2009 it stands for Cave Canem Latin for ” Beware of the dog “. 

The Funny side:

Daniel used to read comic books from Asterix and Obelix many years ago. Stories about some French Gauls who resist the Roman occupiers. Mostly fiction but also surprisingly based on facts. The romans obviously spoke Latin and some phrases were hidden in the drawings. One of these “Cave Canem” stuck and was a nice response when someone said “Carpe Diem”  for instance. 

The Serious side:

Only recently discovered the origin of the phrase which is on a mosaic found in Pompeii. This also illustrates the long relationship between man and dog to me.

About CC agility: Tips & Advice
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