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CC Agility offers training at all levels. Training is based on positive reward based methods. 

When a new foundation class starts we aim to progress everybody in the class at the same rate. This means we can keep everyone in the class together and  keep your class on the same day at the same time as much as possible. However if your personal circumstances change or you progress at a different rate we will always be supportive and try our best to make sure we can accommodate you.  We pride ourself on small class sized with a maximum of 6 dogs per class. 

All of our equipment is Kennel Club standard equipment, including Galician contact equipment. 

Foundation Class

Our foundation classes are for dogs who have never done any kind of agility. (basic obedience required) All equipment will be on the lowest height or flat on the floor to begin with. These classes are suitable for dogs from 7-8 months old and onwards. These classes will include all the foundation skills you and your dog will need to learn in order to progress further. A lot of this will start as flatwork exercises before being put onto jumps in the future. You will learn about different handling manoeuvres, tunnels, dog walk plank, wing wraps and more. Towards the end of the term you will aim to do some short sequences.This is an 8 week course. 


Beginner Class

Beginner classes are suitable for dogs who have already been introduced to some of the equipment on a lower height or the ground. Your dog may now start to do more sequences and learn some more independence learning to go ahead, find tunnels on queue, add more distance etc.  As your dog progresses you will aim to be able to do longer sequences which involve turns, change of direction and hand changes. 



These classes are for dogs who are working on harder skills and learning to weave. We will practise speeding up your dog, proofing of contacts, weave entries and basic course handling and walking.

Approximately grade 1-3


Fit & Fun

These classes are run for dogs that are able to do all equipment at the correct height.. but are not wanting to compete.  As the name indicates these are fun classes which you and your dog enjoy. Although it is aimed to be fun you will still be trained properly to ensure everything is trained safely and correctly. Should you decide to compete in the future you know your dog has been trained with the skills they need. 


Competition Classes

These classes are suitable for dogs who are aiming to compete or already compete. Classes will vary to be grade appropriate working on various areas, learning new skills, working on handling, finding the best routes on a course for your dog etc 


Private Lessons

Give your dog a one-on-one training session that caters to their specific needs. These lessons may be suitable for your dog if they are not able to be in a class environment, or you feel you need to work on something individually.  

Private lessons are available throughout the week and at weekends please contact Tanisha for booking. 

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