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Our Trainers

We are a small club believing in quality over quantity. Tanisha, Sophie and Lyn are our only instructors, meaning you will get consistency of the same instructor each time building a relationship and getting the most out of yours and your dogs journey.  All of our trainers have been successfully competing in agility for a number of years and have a wealth of experience and knowledge. Please read below more about each individual trainer.

We aim to always be very approachable and here to answer any questions you may have making this a positive and fun experience for both you and your dogs. 

Our Trainers: About Me

Tanisha owns CC agility and teaches most of the classes. Tanisha has been competing in agility since she was 7 years old, has competed up to grade 7 and competed at crufts several times with 2 of her dogs.

Sophie has been competing in agility for 18 years, teaching for 5 years. Sophie has competed in every height category with multiple breeds, so she has a wealth of experience to draw on. Sophie has competed at crufts several times most recently in the British open.

Lyn has been training and competing in agility for 20 years. Lyn has been teaching at CC agility for 2 years now and her classes all sing her praises and throughly enjoy their lessons.

Our Trainers: Testimonials
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