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Testimonials: Testimonials

CC Agility is fantastic and it’s great to see the progression with the dogs each week. Tanisha is a fantastic instructor. She is approachable, supportive and helpful, and if your dog is struggling with something she thinks of different ways to make it work. I highly recommend CC Agility.

 Lorna and Oscar

We love agility with Tanisha! My daughter is also using it for her Duke of Edinburgh skill & like with the adults Tanisha is patient & does her best to explain instructions clearly to my daughter. Our dog really enjoys the sessions, he is challenged by what is expected of him mentally & responds really well, he comes home very happy & tired. The equipment is excellent, the field a lovely environment to be in & everyone attending is really friendly. We would highly recommend CC Agility for any dog & owner!

Caroline and Scooby

My dog and I have loads of fun and are building a special bond doing agility. Tanisha is a great and very patient teacher!! Can't recommend her classes enough.

Polly and Fitz

I know Maisie really enjoys her class, and so do I. It’s a friendly group with a patient and approachable instructor, and it’s great to see how well all of the dogs are coming on as the weeks go by.

Nicola and Maisie

Our dog has thoroughly enjoyed agility classes at CC Agility, it’s the highlight of his week! The classes are run at just the right pace, with instructors who really understand dogs and how to get the best out of them and their owners, and it’s a great way to socialise too.

Claire and Bramble

I have been attending CC Agility and Tanisha's classes for 1.5 years with my now 3 yr old Labrador - I have never done agility before and we both LOVE it!

Tanisha is incredibly knowledgeable and patient and completely knows how to get the best out of your dog - she is also incredibly good with us 2 legged humans as well!! (We need more training than the dogs!)

It was great watching the dogs over the weeks and months learn how to go around obstacles, through the tunnel, over the A frame and learn the see-saw! My dog was really spooked with the see-saw and was way behind the other dogs, but with a little gentle time and practice - she is now is star!l (well of course I would say that!)

It is all reward based training, Tanisha mixes up the sessions therefore the dogs are never bored. My lab loves coming and loves the training and is always tired at the end of a session! Never thought I could teach a dog their left from their right! I highly recommend CC Agility - we will be coming for years!

Gill and Indie

Poppy and I have been attending classes with Tanisha now for some time.  The classes are friendly, informative and support positive. encouraging training.  Whether you want to compete in agility or just have fun with your dog, I would recommend CCAgility.

Jane and Poppy

Tanisha is a great instructor, challenging us each week and giving clear guidance on how we can improve our handling. Gertie loves her flowing courses!

Ali and Gertie

Both my dog and I love the agility classes. Not only is it fun and great exercise, but it has improved my dog’s confidence and obedience, and it’s been a great way to meet other owners and their dogs.

Penny and Lottie

Totally love our Thursday evenings with Lyn. She makes them super fun and by some miracle, she’s helping us all improve week on week!

Victoria and Paddy

My Group lesson is great fun with good clear instructions but not too serious when we make mistakes, The field has very good equipment and well maintained.

Mandy and Charlie

This is a really friendly dog agility group - dogs and handlers of all abilities are welcomed and encouraged to have fun whilst they learn!

Jon and Eira

The classes are great fun! My dog gets so much out of each class - he is always so excited when we arrive and can’t wait to have his turn on the agility. Tanisha is an excellent teacher - very patient with both the dogs and their owners!

Laura and Angus

CC agility is a very friendly fun atmosphere in which to learn,Sophie is very patient with the handlers especially as I know my little dog Margo is way better than me!
The group I'm in is small and they are all lovely and we always encourage one another when one of us is struggling or have a laugh when needed.
That said Sophie has been training us the most effective methods which aren't always the easiest but I feel the outcome has outweighed the frustration when we can't get it right.
Tanisha has invested in new equipment and is always on the ball with communication when classes aren't on or when things change and I have been able to change my lesson time to accommodate a new pup!

Ali and Margo

Now completed almost a year with Tanisha at CC Agility, highly recommend!. Great fun & learning for dogs (and humans..), one of the highlights of every week for me and my collie.

Chetan and Juno

Classes are great fun and challenging mentally and physically for our dogs - and for their handlers!

Nichole and Jamie

My Border Collie Jazz really enjoys her classes and gets so excited when she sees me getting ready . We have made new friends , humans and dogs and it’s a really sociable evening .

Pat and Jazz

Fun classes with lovely people, instructor very knowledgeable and friendly- we are learning a lot and really enjoy coming

Amanda and Coco

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